15 thoughts on “THAVAR 0821B 821B

    1. Admin Post author

      It should come out this season. And most probably also in US. Other limited edition were also sold in the US.

  1. jim

    I’m from Germany and I am looking this jeans for a long time. Could you please tell me where I might find them?
    In the Diesel Store it can not be found.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Admin Post author

      I have no idea which stores carry this jeans. If I find more info on it I will post it on the blog.

  2. Tip de Bruin Amsterdam

    Hello all!

    We are a shop in amsterdam for over 60 years now and we are happy to tell you that this jeans just came out in our store!
    It can be ordered at our webshop ( http://www.tipdebruin.nl ) within 2 weeks.
    As you all know this is a LIMITED EDITION, so be quick since we only have each size just once!
    The price of the jeans will be E 389,90.

    Tip de Bruin

  3. penoza

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